Planning a move for an elderly person (senior)


Downsizing: how to plan a move for a senior

Your mother has been on her own for a few years and you’re starting to worry that something might happen to her? You father’s health is rapidly declining and he needs to be transferred to a seniors’ residence? You work full time, need to take care of your children and have neither the time nor the energy to provide the help that your parents deserve? Evolia Transition can help you offer the support and assistance that you and your loved ones deserve.

Customized assistance to help a senior move

Whether the house is full or there are only a few boxes to pack, we can offer your parents customized, à la carte or turnkey services, with the assurance that the deadline will be met. In addition, as a family member you can receive progress reports at every step of the process. So you will be able to rest easy!

Offer a bit of comfort and peace of mind!

Evolia Transition has been carrying out hundreds of moves per year for the past several years. This means that throughout the process, we can reassure your parents, listen to them and address their slightest concerns, which are often numerous. We can handle everything so that their transition to a new home will be as easy as possible, and you will have peace of mind knowing that a dedicated team is taking care of your parents. Our senior move specialists will take charge of every step.

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