Tools appraisal


Could your tools be a gold mine?

If you’re a hobby handyman or mechanic, your tools are worth something! Grinder, planer, jig saw … what do you think? Over the years, you’ve accumulated enough tools to fill up the shelves in your garage. Some may still be in their boxes, while others have gathered a little dust. You may even have a few duplicates. What’s stored in the garage, workshop or shed is sometimes overlooked when it comes to making a will.

People tend to forget about all that so-called “junk,” which is sometimes worth a few thousand dollars! These days, metal is worth so much that some scrappers offer free home pick-up (make sure you know the company). That being said, you could get more if you bring it in your self. You can recycle old hangers, stoves, nuts and screws, even if they’re in poor condition.

We strongly recommend drawing up a complete inventory of all your property, including all the little treasures buried in your garage and shed, even the lawnmower, snowblower and that broken snowmobile. Remember to include garden furniture, gardening tools, and the barbecue.

Some old tools will find new homes because of their unique, vintage nature. The second-hand market and classified ads are great ways to sell used tools. Buyers will be there in droves if the price is right.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all your stuff? The Evolia Transition team can help you inventory and price your properties.

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