Need to get rid of personal property?


Need to empty a house when moving or managing an estate?

Your parents’ home needs to be quickly decluttered and you don’t want to throw everything away? A loved one has died, you are the executor of the estate and you need to completely empty the house? The home is bursting with objects of all sorts from the basement to the attic? You are at your wit’s end and don’t know where to start? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, Evolia Transition can help you. Here is a broad outline of what lies ahead:

Emptying a home completely after a death or a move is a lot of work. You need to coordinate various professionals, obtain appraisals from a personal property appraiser, try to sell the items that are valuable, obtain quotes for a container, spend many hours sorting through every object, every drawer, etc. For someone who has professional and family obligations, all this can quickly become overwhelming. Every step must be followed to the letter.

Sorting is the first step to take. For each object, you must ask yourself: Does this item have value? Is it in good condition? Can I give it to a loved one or donate it to an organization? You can place all the reusable objects in one spot, and everything to be thrown out in another. Start by putting aside anything you wish to keep, and take it away with you promptly in order to free up space as quickly as possible. Ask the other members of your family to do likewise, so that you will know that anything left over needs to be given away, thrown out or sold.

Do you have enough objects to be thrown away to justify leasing a container? Leasing a container to empty a house can be particularly efficient, especially if there are lots of things to be disposed of. The things you put in the container will be sorted by the company and recycled (as far as possible). Ask the various companies what materials they accept, and what they refuse. For example, some companies refuse mattresses and tires, while others accept them. Furthermore, some of them may charge an extra fee if you put certain goods in the container. It is worthwhile to get informed to avoid nasty surprises. Need help to get the job done? We can help! We have trained, qualified staff to serve you.

Do you have many objects and pieces of furniture in good condition? Have you thought about donating them to charity? In recent years, charitable organizations have been receiving many offers of donations, and it has become difficult to find one organization that will take everything. For example, one will take bookcases and furniture made of melamine, but will refuse mattresses, while another will refuse melamine but will accept mattresses. You will probably have to call in more than one organization before you manage to give everything away.

Have you received only negative answers after numerous inquiries? Evolia Transition can help you. We offer a low-cost house content removal service. Contrary to other companies, we don’t charge by volume but by work time, which generally comes out cheaper than our competitors.

Does your home, or that of a loved one, need a thorough cleaning before being put on the market? Dust has accumulated over the years and the house needs to rediscover its potential of yesteryear? We have a team that specializes in this type of work, which can help you. A thorough clean-up is necessary before putting a property up for sale. Potential buyers will inspect every drawer and every cupboard, so it is important that everything be impeccable. Once again, we can help you with this process. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out our rates.


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