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The Louis XV style history and value

Louis XV style furniture The Louis XV style developed mainly from 1723 until 1750, and was very daring for its time, characterized by its lightness. The Louis XV furniture is charming, elegant and an invitation to relax. This style draws part of its inspiration from nature, reflected in the abundance of curves and patterns such […]

For successfully selling second-hand goods

How to sell furniture on second-hand market? Selling personal property requires time, availability and energy plus a certain amount of ” bargaining power “.  The best way to dispose of furniture at the best price is without a doubt selling them individually. To do so, you will have to take photos of the item from […]

The everlasting passion for horses in art

Horses  in decoration and works of art The important thing to know is that the horse is, in art, the most represented animal since prehistoric times and one of the oldest artistic subjects. During prehistory, the horse was depicted on cave walls. The horse, so majestic, is the subject of artefacts, paintings, sculptures and drawings. […]

Contemporary art – artistic period

Contemporary art – description According to Wikipedia, “Contemporary art” refers – in a general and global way – to all artworks produced from 1945 to the present day, whatever their style and aesthetic practice, but mainly in the visual arts field. In this classification, contemporary art succeeds modern art. Contemporary art is characterized by new […]

The online appraisal service

Art and antiques online appraisal Evolia Transition’s expert appraisers offer a quick online appraisal service based on photos. This is an interesting and economical option if you have fewer than 12 items to evaluate or if you live in a remote area. Depending on the purpose of the appraisal (market value, insurance, litigation), the service is […]