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The online appraisal service

      Art and antiques online appraisal Evolia Transition’s expert appraisers offer a quick online appraisal service based on photos. This is an interesting and economical option if you have fewer than 12 items to evaluate or if you live in a remote area. Depending on the purpose of the appraisal (market value, insurance, litigation), […]

The market value of silverware

Are silverware items valuable? There was a time not too long ago when a silver-plated metal wedding gift was a highly appreciated piece. The wealthier people would  buy silversmith’s pieces consisting of tea sets, cutlery or simply serving trays. The less-wealthy were not to be overlooked either, as a multitude of manufacturers around the world began […]

The importance of inventorying an artwork collection

        The purpose of an artwork inventory In general, when a will is well made, the transfer of money and investments is generally done without too many problems. However, it is a different story for art collections, valuable furniture, collectibles and jewelry. Unfortunately, most families don’t have a precise inventory of these particular assets […]

The luxury goods market

The luxury goods market outperformed stocks and bonds in 2018 The Wall Street Journal reports that the investment market for luxury assets, such as wines, works of art, classic cars and colored diamonds, has outperformed the market for stocks and bonds. People are constantly looking for investments, and owning something tangible is reassuring. According to “Art Market […]

Experts Choice – the best Antique Clocks

The Antique clocks market With their exquisite design and intricate craftsmanship, we asked seven horological experts to take some time out and tell us which antique clocks they would love to get their hands on.   1- James Stratton’s choice (Bonhams’ Director of clocks) Humpbacked carriage clock I would, without hesitation, ask for this exquisite silver humpbacked carriage clock by Jump […]

The growing popularity of “Vintage”

Vintage furniture market With the soaring vintage trend, furniture and decoration are following the trend of the retro wave. Why this craze? Some people think that nostalgia is part of our time. Others refer to popular TV series such as “Mad Men”. Add to that the mentality current that recycling is better. The period furniture […]