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The growing popularity of “Vintage”

Vintage furniture market With the soaring vintage trend, furniture and decoration are following the trend of the retro wave. Why this craze? Some people think that nostalgia is part of our time. Others refer to popular TV series such as “Mad Men”. Add to that the mentality current that recycling is better. The period furniture […]

The value of books on the secondary market

Fair market value of books on second hand Since the emergence of digital books and the growing popularity of libraries (following the many movements against overconsumption), it must be admitted that used books, even in good condition, don’t find so many takers, except at low prices. Flea markets, secondhand markets and online sales networks are […]

Collecting precious stones

The collection of precious stones People collect all kinds of things, from the sublime to the banal. Whatever the collection definition, the collector is always aiming for the Nirvana of completeness and seeks to find rare, obsolete and particular items. Gemstones provide great satisfaction to enthusiasts, especially for the intrinsic interest and the fact that […]


The fair market value of ivory objects In 2016, the United States adopted a new and highly restrictive regulation aimed at reducing ivory trafficking within its borders and reducing access to the US market for unscrupulous poachers. Every year, as many as 30,000 African elephants are killed to supply the illicit ivory trade driven by […]

The incredible value of a Barbie Doll

The incredible value of a Barbie Doll Since 1959 and the creation of the first Barbie by the American Ruth Handler and the manufacturer Mattel Inc., nearly a billion dolls have been sold worldwide. While most recent dolls have a modest value, some old models of the Star doll are worth a real fortune! If […]