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8 investment trends and advice for the next decade

Buying and selling collectibles, antiques and artworks At the dawn of a new year, AntiqueSage.com is unveiling its crystal ball in terms of significant trends for antique investors. 1-Items from the 70s and 80s will begin to be regarded as antique. It generally takes 40 to 50 years for an object to be regarded as […]

The estate liquidator or executor

The right executor or estate liquidator By definition, an executor (also called an estate or succession liquidator) is an agent who is entrusted with the job of settling a deceased person’s estate. The process is called estate liquidation or settlement. to settle the estate, the executor closes accounts, files income tax returns, collects amounts owed […]

Tools appraisal

Could your tools be a gold mine? If you’re a hobby handyman or mechanic, your tools are worth something! Grinder, planer, jig saw … what do you think? Over the years, you’ve accumulated enough tools to fill up the shelves in your garage. Some may still be in their boxes, while others have gathered a little dust. You […]

Art and the Victorian era

Art and furniture in the Victorian era Bloomberg News recently published an interesting article on the market for Victorian art.  The article noted that, although it isn’t currently trendy, Victorian art remains a good investment. Named after Queen Victoria, art from her period may not be popular at the moment, but it is currently available […]

Compulsive hoarding

Compulsive hoarding doesn’t only happen in the movies! Several times a year, the Évolia Transition team comes to the assistance of families who are desperately dealing with situations they were sometimes not aware of. Definition: Diogenes Syndrome is mainly characterized by a behavioural disorder that leads to neglected, sometimes unhealthy living conditions, both in terms of […]

Planning a move for an elderly person (senior)

Downsizing: how to plan a move for a senior Your mother has been on her own for a few years and you’re starting to worry that something might happen to her? You father’s health is rapidly declining and he needs to be transferred to a seniors’ residence? You work full time, need to take care […]