The everlasting passion for horses in art


Horses  in decoration and works of art

The important thing to know is that the horse is, in art, the most represented animal since prehistoric times and one of the oldest artistic subjects. During prehistory, the horse was depicted on cave walls.

The horse, so majestic, is the subject of artefacts, paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Of all times, from all corners of the world, the horse inspires by its presence on the battlefields: war, conquests, ceremonies and parades; with Western American cowboys, in equestrian sports, horse racing, rural scenes, means of transport, horse fairs, hunting scenes and so on.

Even today, with major shows such as Cavalia’s Odysséo, which has become a worldwide phenomenon featuring 70 horses, charming audiences of all ages.

The artists are unanimous, the horse is a difficult animal to reproduce because of its complex anatomy. Our fascination and admiration for the horse are associated to its strength, intelligence, loyalty, elegance and endurance. Artists recognized in “equestrian” art:

Painters of the XIX th century: Carle Vernet, Gros, Géricault, Horace Vernet, Eugène Delacroix, Eugène Fromentin, Rosa Bonheur, Constable.

Sculptors: Fremiet, Isidiro Bonheur, Barye, Mène (Arabian horses), Rauch.

In Quebec, several painters are brilliantly interested in the representation of the horse: Johanne Blaquiere, Carolle Beaudry, Sylvie Bujold. Sébastien Larochelle, Élise Genest, Johanne Doucet…

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