Managing the property of a missing loved one can often become a complex and difficult task. Formerly called the executor, the liquidator must take care of all movable and immovable property of the deceased. It is undoubtedly a very difficult role.

The liquidator must:


Evolia Transition can facilitate the management or planning of an estate in Quebec and considerably reduce the time you spend on it. Because a single call gives you access to twenty services and professionals from different backgrounds, you will significantly save your time and energy and take the time to mourn.

Estate management and appraisal

  • Walk-through appraisal
  • Inventory of goods, evaluation and production of a detailed report meeting the standards of USPAP
  • Appraisal of works of art and antiques.
  • Preparing the house for sale (home staging, decluttering)
  • Disposal and liquidation of goods: donation, recycling
  • Help for sorting and sharing to avoid conflict and facilitate decision-making
  • Packing and managing the moving of personal belongings
  • References of real estate brokers, notaries and lawyers Complete house cleaning
  • Rental of a storage space or container

For the sake of transparency in the sale of your goods, we act impartially, which means that we never buy the goods but try to sell them for you. This guarantees you a fair and honest opinion that meets strict standards.

Our experience

In addition, Evolia Transition has more than 20 years of experience in the field of evaluation. To date, more than 75,000 objects of all kinds have been evaluated including more than 25,000 works of art.


You want to sell the complete content of a residence or a condo? Our moving sale/estate sale service will be perfect for you! Benefit from our unique experience! We can take care of it and avoid many hours of work. Different packages for all budgets are available.

Estate management services:

-Estate inventory and management
-Preparation of the residence
-Marketing sales in different media and to our contact list
-Support on the day of the sale
-Cleaning and pickup of goods after the sale
In conclusion, we can help you throughout the whole process.


The liquidation of an estate

Liquidating personal belongings

You are a liquidator (executor) and you have accomplished the main tasks to be done to settle the estate of a loved one. Once the inventory is completed and deposited in the RDPRM, you must take care of the division of property between the heirs and the liquidation of movable properties.

This step is often very important since if no provision has been made by the deceased, there may be family conflicts. In addition, liquidating personal belongings requires time and patience since you will have several tasks to complete and several calls to make.

Settling the assets of an estate requires, among other things, to call several charities to donate furniture, find a container, take care of the lease, prepare an auction or estate sale or find buyers for valuable goods (stove, couch, artworks, etc.), cleaning and more.

liquidate an estate
decluttering services

Donating, clean up and disposal of personal possessions

The furniture et personal belongings present in the residence can not be given or you do not have time to sell them? Our team can help you quickly empty the complete content of the residence. We can come with a truck or rent a container depending on the situation. The work can be done in just a few hours.


Do you know the real value of your furniture and personal properties?

Estate inventory and appraisal

By knowing the fair market value of each object, they will be able to separate the goods equitably, reducing the risk of conflict and speeding up the process. In addition, by knowing the value of your assets, you will be better able to make the right decisions for your retirement.

In order to be complete and to give you a better idea of ​​your situation, your assets balance sheet should include a complete and detailed estate inventory of all your assets as well as their market value. This review should be updated regularly.

It should be kept in a safe place with your will and your mandate in case of incapacity.

Personal properties appraiser
Art appraisal

Do you plan to donate works of art or a historical object?

Art and antiques appraisal

Our unique museum experience can help you find the best solution for you. In addition, we will be able to carry out the necessary written evaluation requested by Canadian Heritage.

Evolia Transition has more than 20 years of experience in asset valuation. To date, we have completed hundreds of inventories and more than 55,000 objects of all kinds have been evaluated.

Our evaluation reports comply with USPAP standards (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)

We can do estate inventory and appraisal.

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