You must manage personal belongings and furniture when downsizing or managing an estate? Empty a complete house quickly? Sell ​​one or more valuables? We have the solution for you ! We provide services in the regions of Longueuil, Montreal, Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke, Magog, Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Quebec city.


  • Sales, donations, recycling, scrap to save you time.

  • Sharing and sorting assets to avoid conflicts and facilitate decision-making.

  • Walk through home appraisal service for appliances, furniture, works of art, antiques, jewelery and wine cellar to obtain the right price for your good and to help you take the right decisions.


  • House content removal service

  • Packaging of goods

  • Cleaning services

  • Need a mover, container or storage space? We will find it and arrange the details for you!


  •  You want to sell household contents but you do not know the value or how to do it?
  • You have artworks, antiques, jewelry or collectibles and you do not know what to do?

  • You do not have time to do it by yourself?

  • You want to organise an estate sale but don’t know if it is the right solution?


  • Are you downsizing and unsure where to start?
  • Need help to pack and unpack?

  • Are you alone and do not know where to begin?

  • You are downsizing but don’t know what to sell, to keep or throw away?



The kids are gone and your home has become too big? You are in charge of an estate in Quebec and must quickly empty the house of its contents? You must manage the property of a person suffering from Diogenes’ disorder? You plan to sell the home but do not know where to start or who to trust? Evolia Transition can help you see things more clearly:

*Packing and unpacking

*Help for sorting


*Appraisal of high value assets

*Estate sale organisation


*Home staging

*On site coordination

*House content removal services

Help to sort and decluttering a house

Are you overwhelmed by the work to be done?

The first step before putting the house up for sale is often to sort the belongings in order to unclutter the residence so that it is at its best for future visitors. We can help you choose what to keep, what to give and what to sell.

Is the house must be completely emptied of its contents? We can organize an estate sale, rent a container or come with a truck to empty all the goods. We can even do a complete house-cleaning before we leave. In addition, if you have some high-value assets for sale, we can advise you on the price to ask and the best way to dispose of it.

Diogenes Syndrom

A loved one has a Diogenes syndrom problem and you do not know where to begin? We can help you to empty the house quickly and with great caution. We will not only put everything in a container. We can sort and make sure that nothing valuables will be throw away.

Home Staging

To facilitate the sale of your home, you may need to use certain decoration and presentation techniques to showcase your living space. Sometimes a simple detail such as moving a piece of furniture or an item of decoration can change the look of a room, without spending a penny. With Evolia Transition, you get plenty of valuable home-staging tips and advice from start to finish.



Packing your belongings when you move are physically demanding tasks. Boxes that are too heavy or poorly filled can cause serious back injury. What’s more, finding low-cost boxes and packing paper for your move is often a challenge.

Evolia Transition can pack your belongings in just a few hours. No need to run around looking for boxes and packing paper for your move we will provide them at low cost.

Do you own fragile objects and works of art? Our packing procedures comply with museum standards: our technicians used same techniques as Canadian Conservation Institute learned at Collège Montmorency.

Pressed for time? We can pack even if you’re not available – all in just a few hours.

We are committed to providing you with quick, discreet, and courteous service at all times.

When you call on us, you can be sure that your belongings will be in good hands from start to finish.

Would you like to be completely settled into your new home in just one day? It can be done!

Over the past few months, you’ve sorted through your belongings, packed most of them, donatedsold and discarded some items, and moved from your old home to your new place. Now you face the task of dealing with 50 or so boxes filled with objects of all kinds. You may be feeling discouraged and unsure where to begin. You may not feel up to the task of unpacking, putting up the curtains, and hanging the pictures on the walls. Or maybe you’d like some decoration tips without having to hire an interior designer?

Evolia Transition can help you settle in quickly into your new home and add special touches that reflect your taste and personality. In just a single day, our team can unpack all your belongingsplace all decorative items and place your interior furnishings. At the end of the day, we remove all empty boxes. You’re now settled in and can relax!


Selling, donating and house content removal services


You have to move, downsize, manage or liquidate an estate and can’t take all your furniture with you? Your basement is full, and you’d like to give away items that are still in good condition? You need to dispose quickly the assets of an estate? Do you want to sell furnitureworks of art, collectibles and other objects but don’t know how to go about it? Take advantage of our unique experience in the sale and disposal of personal possessions! We provide a simple and effective solution – and one phone call is all it takes to get started.

Do you have documents you need to shred? Items of furniture to give away? Damaged objects to throw away? Evolia Transition can help you find the best solution for disposing your possessions, whatever the value of each object. Do you need a storage container or space? We can find one for you and handle all rental details. Need to empty a house of all its contents? Our qualified and conscientious personnel can take care of it!


Selling antiques, works of art, furniture and personal property

You need to sell some of your belongings but don’t know how much they are worth or how to go about it? Our experts appraisers can help you. First, they provide an estimate for each item. Then, they explain how to get the best price for your objects. You will know each item’s fair market value and can avoid costly mistakes. You don’t feel comfortable selling your belongings on your own? No need to worry. We take care of all the details.

As you know, personal finances should be entrusted to reliable and effective professionals. The same goes for your belongings. Whatever the value of your possessions, we can help you get a fair price for them.


Moving or estate sale services

You have many items to sale? An auctionestate or content sale could be an interesting solution. We can help you to organise it by staging the items, advertise and conduct the sale. We have a list of potential buyers that could be interested in your belongings. We will determine a strategy depending on what you have. As professional estate liquidators in Montreal Area, we will be able to appraise and sell everything you have.

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