The Louis XV style history and value


Louis XV style furniture

The Louis XV style developed mainly from 1723 until 1750, and was very daring for its time, characterized by its lightness. The Louis XV furniture is charming, elegant and an invitation to relax. This style draws part of its inspiration from nature, reflected in the abundance of curves and patterns such as shells, foliage and garlands.

It’ s a style that is characterized by a search for comfort and intimacy. Rooms are getting smaller and warmer. The ceilings are lower and the woodwork is painted in soft tones of pastel colors, pink and cream. The Louis XV style is a style of invention:

-Thus, the curved foot (known as Louis XV foot) appears, which is an evolution of the feet in the shape of animal paws, but the doe’s paws are taken as a model, and no longer lions’ paws.
-For the first time since the Middle Ages, asymmetry reappears. The result is a fantasy impression.
-Priority is given to the decoration rather than to the functional form. For example, on the dressers, the bronze decorations extend from one drawer to another until the intersection between them disappears.
-The furniture is redesigned to occupy the entire space of the rooms, not just the periphery. This is how the rear side of the backrests is more elaborate and more attractive.
-The central area of the seat becomes more curved in plan and also in elevation for the first time.
-The violin backrest and the cabriolet backrest are introduced.
In terms of ornamentation, Louis XV furniture is often decorated with bronze motifs in the Rococo style. Marquetry came back into fashion from 1745 with representations of flowers and music. The seats are often upholstered with flowery silks and are often entirely gilded. Finally, the furniture is often upholstered with panels of Far Eastern lacquer. As for the structure of the furniture, oak is widely used.
Furniture emblematic of the Louis XV style
-Small dressers with 2 drawers and hidden crosspieces
-Console tables
-All kinds of seats
-Game tables

New furniture appeared: the sofa (Ottoman, Sultan style), the parlor side chair, the dressers, the bookshelf, the dressing table, the beds: alcove, Polish and Turkish style.


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