Art and the Victorian era


Art and furniture in the Victorian era

Bloomberg News recently published an interesting article on the market for Victorian art. 

The article noted that, although it isn’t currently trendy, Victorian art remains a good investment. Named after Queen Victoria, art from her period may not be popular at the moment, but it is currently available at very competitive prices, and art experts believe it will never be outdated.

Victorian art is a generic term that refers to mid-19th century English works, frequently lush paintings and drawings featuring landscapes, animals, and moral themes such as hard work, charity and fidelity. These works contrast strongly with the skillful detachment that characterizes contemporary art. Canvases by Millais, Rossetti, Benjamin William, Charles-Edmond Daux, Lord Frederic Leighton, Edward Duncan, Oscar Wilson and Sir George Clausen seem to be investments worth considering.

According to Rupert Maas, a London art dealer who specializes in 19th-century art, “two world wars separate us from the Victorian era, and we don’t yet understand and value the time of extraordinary effort it represents.”

Victorian art sold for fantastic prices when it was first created, then was quickly overshadowed by the Impressionists and Modernists who followed. For decades, the entire genre has been going into the garbage.

One of the major pluses to Victorian art’s value is its institutional support, a euphemistic way of saying museums always want it. Its price history is also considered. The top pieces always maintain their value and, as many artists had good eras, resellers and collectors are able to justify their prices.

As for Victorian-era decorative items, they are said to be eclectic. The period is known for its reinterpretation of Gothic style. Victorian decorative art also shows Middle Eastern and Asian influences.

Contemporary art currently dominates the global art market, to the detriment of most other periods. People are seeking a minimalist, streamlined look.

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