For successfully selling second-hand goods

How to sell furniture on second-hand market?

Selling personal property requires time, availability and energy plus a certain amount of ” bargaining power “.  The best way to dispose of furniture at the best price is without a doubt selling them individually. To do so, you will have to take photos of the item from all angles, measure it and describe it as precisely as possible to avoid never-ending questions. When the ad is well made and competitively priced, classified ad websites such as Kijiji and Marketplace (Facebook) usually generate a good success rate.  If, after a few weeks you don’t get any answers, consider changing your photos, lowering your price by 15 to 20% or posting your ad in a different category. Batch selling is often interesting for a buyer: tool set, toy set, book set, etc. Expect to negotiate! People love deals!


For those who do not wish to invest as much in such a process, or for those who have too many items at their disposal, such as the complete contents of an apartment or house, there are other options.

Organize a garage sale: in spring and summer, you can post your sale on your city’s website as well as on all classified ad sites. There’ s a specific category for garage sales. Of course, a garage sale requires you to take your goods outdoors and that the weather’s on your side.

It’ s possible to sell home contents or a lot of items through a reputable content liquidation auctioneer. Of course, you will have to pay for transporting the goods to the auction house.  Generally, 95% of the items will find a buyer but the price obtained is based on the highest bidder’s law and cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, you will have to pay a sales commission (which will be deducted from your profit) varying from 20 to 30%.

In the case of luxury goods or works of art, it’ s possible to hire a professional team such as Evolia Transition to handle the entire process. From the appraisal of the goods, to sales promotion and the team’s presence on the same day. Contact us to learn more about the many possibilities.

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