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How to do home staging

In 2019, home staging (a strategy to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer) is more popular than ever. Let’s review the advice of experts to make it easier to sell your property.

  1. First impressions are so important! It is essential to create an inviting environment. Take the time to clean the steps, the porch and the outside door. A nice flower pot can make the setting even more attractive.
  2. Depersonalize: the most common word among home staging enthusiasts. All you need to do is put all the personal items away: frames and family pictures, wall calendars, prescriptions or bathrobes in the bathroom, magnets on the refrigerator. Visitors must be able to imagine themselves at home and not lose their focus.
  3. Of course, a thorough cleanup is required. No more dust threads accumulating on chandeliers or fan blades. Visitors are curious and value storage space. Cupboards and cabinets must be properly tidied up. Nothing should be neglected: the oven hood, baseboards, bathtub and mirrors.
  4. Purge! The house must give an impression of brightness and open space. Excess furniture or objects shrink rooms. Remove the extension from the table, keep only one or two appliances on the kitchen counters. Be sure that the furniture layout allows for fluid circulation.
  5. Ventilate: Make sure the house smells good by opening windows if the weather permits. An essential oil diffuser or a smell of freshly baked bread will make the experience a pleasant one.
  6. Illuminate: Sometimes natural light is not enough, turn on all the lights, replace burnt bulbs with brighter ones, open the curtains, and if necessary, add additional light sources.
  7. Minor improvements: don’t forget, your visitors will visit several properties. A meticulous upkeep pays off! It is important to do small paint touch-ups, change door handles or kitchen cabinets, refresh the shower curtain, add a backsplash, at little cost.
  8. More important improvements: have carpets cleaned by professionals, repaint old-fashioned colored rooms with neutral shades, replace lighting fixtures with contemporary models. Buyers attach great importance to the kitchen and bathroom. A countertop in good condition is a must.

Keep in mind that order shouldn’t kill the atmosphere. A basket of fresh fruits, a bouquet of flowers and colorful picture frames will provide a perfect equilibrium.

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