The incredible value of a Barbie Doll


The incredible value of a Barbie Doll

Since 1959 and the creation of the first Barbie by the American Ruth Handler and the manufacturer Mattel Inc., nearly a billion dolls have been sold worldwide. While most recent dolls have a modest value, some old models of the Star doll are worth a real fortune! If it is impossible to list the thousands of models manufactured over the past 50 years (not to mention the KENs), here are some tips to identify the old Barbie models to be preserved:

1) Remove her clothes and first check the presence of the MATTEL logo to make sure that the doll is a Barbie Doll and not an imitation or a model close to another brand.

2) All Barbie Dolls have a date printed (©1966/Mattel, Inc.)  on the doll’s behind, back or neck – be aware that the date is the date of the mold, not the model – so it is possible that the doll is more recent than its vintage. But at least you know that it is no older than the date displayed.


3) The rare (and expensive!) Barbie Dolls are Vintage Barbie Dolls, made before 1972. All these dolls were made in Japan (the oldest), Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Korea. The most recent ones are generally manufactured in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and since the 2000s in Indonesia.

4) Recent Barbie dolls have a less opulent chest and a belly button, but not the old ones.

The Barbie Ponytail Doll Number One (from 1959)   

Distinctive signs:

–Her famous distinctive swimsuit, Black and White zebra striped pattern
–Long thick hair (blonde or brunette) – long back, curly front
–Stiff legs, holes in the bottom of her feet, very dark make-up, red nail polish on hands and toenails, gold ring earrings

The value of a Barbie Ponytail Doll n°1 is more than 2000 euros without the box, and nearly 5000 euros, with its packaging, in very good condition. Be aware that a vintage reedition of 1994 easily recognizable has been made, its value is only 20 or 30 euros.

 Barbie American Girl Doll (from 1965):

-Hair is thick and full and comes down just below her ears. (blonde, red-haired or brunette)
-Bendable legs, feet and ears have no holes, blue eyeliner, red nail polish on the fingernails but not on the feet.

The value of a Barbie American Girl Doll is about 500 euros without the packaging, and twice as much with the packaging, in very good condition.

The Vintage Barbie (until 1972)

As a result of Barbie’s growing success, in several countries, many models were manufactured: Skipper, Teacher, Twist & turn, Live action, Sunset Malibu Barbie Dolls…

The models prior to 1972 are the most valuable, but only if they are in perfect condition and ideally have their packaging and accessories. The estimated value of a classic Vintage doll is 100 euros on average in very good condition and in their packaging.

Value of a recent Barbie Doll

What is the value of a Barbie from the 80s, 90s or 2000s? New, it’ s worth 50 euros on average (except for some vintage Gold Label or Platinum Label dolls). Second-hand and without the packaging, you can easily buy some in a garage sale or on the internet, between 5 and 10 euros (but between 15 and 30 euros for the “signature” versions with the packaging).

PLATINUM LABEL™: The Platinum LabelTM collection dolls are sequentially numbered editions of less than 1000 copies. This label also includes unique dolls (OOAK). The “Marie-Antoinette” Barbie is a Platinum Label* Doll.

GOLD LABEL™ : The Gold Label™ Collection includes exceptional dolls. More rare, their worldwide production is limited to 25,000 copies. The Gold Label™ dolls, from Fashion Models to reedition of emblematic dolls, reflect the fashion changes and tastes of the most passionate collectors. You can find dolls such as the “Model of the Moment™ «collections, the “Pink in Pantone” or the “Grace Kelly the Bride ” Barbie Dolls. The Gold Label™ dolls were the first with the model Muse Doll body.

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