The growing popularity of “Vintage”


Vintage furniture market

With the soaring vintage trend, furniture and decoration are following the trend of the retro wave.

Why this craze? Some people think that nostalgia is part of our time. Others refer to popular TV series such as “Mad Men”. Add to that the mentality current that recycling is better.

The period furniture and kitsch accessories give the impression of living in an ultra-trendy universe.

Fans are willing to pay the price for items such as: anything with the Coco-Cola or Coke brand, teak dressers, butter boxes, an old Polaroid cameras, teak furniture and antique typewriter.

According to the current Larousse dictionary, vintage means “Said of a garment, a piece of furniture, an accessory from previous decades, updated to reflect the latest trends” (free translation from the Larousse definition).

To be considered “vintage”, a piece of furniture must be at least 20 years old and must have been created after the 1940s. It is therefore a piece from the period, dating from the 20th century.

Teak and walnut furniture, especially Scandinavian style furniture from the 1960s, are particularly sought after. They symbolize quality and durability, adding the purity and originality of lines and volumes. These pieces of furniture add a timeless touch to your decor.


To find that rare gem:

* Some antique dealers have a nose for it!

* Online classified ads

* Facebook communities such as « si les objets pouvaient parler »

* Garage sales

* Estate liquidations

What a joy to give a second life to all these objects!

The more unique and unusual the object, the higher the price will be.

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