The value of collectible pens


The second-hand market of luxury pens

There may be a treasure among your pens! Today we’re talking luxury writing tools. Over the past few years, high-end pens have been increasingly sought after. Symbols of social status and popular for the nostalgic and prestigious feeling they provide, luxury pens are also very popular investments as their prices follow a constant and increasing curve.

The main brands searched for are (in alphabetical order):

– Aurora (Aurora Diamante pen featuring 30 carats of diamonds including a large cabochon diamond)

– Caron d’Ache (Limited Edition 1010 Timekeeper fountain pen)

– Cross (Classic Century Series 18kt solid gold ballpoint pen)

– Dunhill (Namiki model pen)

– Dupont, S.T.

– Faber-Castell, Graf von

– Fisher Spacepen


– Montblanc (Bohème Royal Pen made of 18 carat white gold and encrusted with 1351 diamonds)

– Montegrappa (Ancient Mexican Civilizations Rollerball Pen in 18K gold, only 20 in the world)

– Parker (Duofold 130th anniversary series fountain pen, Limited Edition 2018 The craft of traveling)

– Pelikan (Toledo Gold M900 series fountain pen)

– Pilot (Namiki fountain pen, Capless Raden series Water)

– Sailor pen co.

– Staedler Premium (The Season series fountain pen by Elisa Pavelka in Limited Edition)

– Tibaldi (Fulgor Nocturnus pen, only one copy worldwide!)

– Vintage Pens (Waterman series fountain pen by Boucheron Blue/Gold)

– Visconti (Casa Batllo Limited Edition fountain pen)

– Waterman (Exception series fountain pen, Limited Edition Vermeil)

These handwriting treasures are often prized by politicians, judges and business people. There are as many “private clubs for stylomaniacs” as there are “pen shows”, that is to say, specialized exchanges or auctions in the field, gathering amateurs in New York, Paris and Geneva every year!

If you are looking for a buyer for your pen, it should preferably be functional and have clean, unblemished colors.

If you think you have a rare gem, ask for an appraisal by an independent firm that will give you a fair market value. Don’t forget to mention to your insurer that you own an item as such.

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