Marion Turpin: Personal Property Appraiser


Marion Turpin, C.A.P.P.A: Personal property appraiser


Originally destined to a legal career -with the aim of becoming a judge-, having obtained a Bachelor of Law, Economics and Management with honors, Marion Turpin quickly returned to her first love, Art. Passionate about art since childhood, Marion obtained a baccalaureate in Literature with an option in Arts, then went on to study Law. After having obtained her law degree, she quickly realized that the artistic field took a more important place than a simple hobby. An internship in a prestigious French auction house was, at that time, a real revelation: she wanted to become an Auctioneer. This extremely enriching internship allowed her to learn the different furniture styles, how to date, judge and appreciate them. She also worked with the gemologist in charge of the Jewelry Department, who introduced her to the fascinating world of jewelry.

Enthusiastic and motivated by this great experience, she undertook new studies in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Art History, a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History and finally, a Master’s degree in Art Market, at the renowned Sorbonne University, in Paris, where she graduated with highest honour. The extraordinary encounters with the great professionals of the field and the experiences multiply thanks to this Master 2, during which she works with Houses such as Christie’s, as well as the greatest Parisian art experts. There, she completed and solidified her expertise in gemology and jewelry appraisal, which she put into practice later on.

In parallel, she wrote a master’s thesis on the restoration of paintings, which allowed her to specialize in ancient and modern paintings and to explore their aspects, both technical and historical.

Finally, the internship at the Maison de Ventes (Auction House) led to a real collaboration as Marion joined the team full time at the end of her studies. From there, she progressed from being in charge of administration to assistant of the Paintings and Asian arts departments, then to department manager, specializing in 19th century paintings.

Multiplying moveable property inventories, meetings with clients from all over the world, in-house training, including English courses specific to the world of auctions, Marion never stops learning through contact with objects, paintings and furniture. Sales are held several times a month and include up to 400 objects: the volume of appraisals per day being very high, she handles a lot of precious pieces and constantly refines her practice.

In 2017, she decided to try the Quebec adventure in order to open her field of expertise to another market than the European one. She first joined a renowned Montreal auction house as an intern. After 6 months, conquered by both the work and life in Quebec, Marion decided to settle permanently in Quebec and to join the Auction House as head of the International Art and Jewelry department. This was a very fruitful experience as it allowed her to acquire an expertise in Quebec furniture and objects and to expand her knowledge of Quebec history.

This job led to a new and beautiful encounter, with Evolia Transition. Today, Marion Turpin is in charge of the Movable Assets Appraisal, whether it be consultations, in the office or at home, or written inventories, sharing her knowledge of art and contemporary markets at each meeting with respect and passion.

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